with Caitlin Lassy in Cinigiano, Tuscany Italy

7 nights in Cinigiano, Italy
Sat May 05 – Sat May 12, 2018

FROM $965

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cinigiano shrine

Yoga isn’t just something that is practiced on the mat, the practice of yoga is thriving in every moment of life, all you need to do is open your heart to feel it, and open your eyes to witness it.

During this week in Italy you will have the opportunity to…

Indulge in your internal world. Indulge in all of your many senses. Discover the ways in which the senses work between the physical world and your internal world to become a more mindful being, and to live a more intentional life.

Ignite the fire within. Stoke it. Ignite your passion for life. Set your soul on fire. Uncover your truth. Discover how to sprinkle your truth throughout all of the layers of life.

Inspire others. Inspire yourself.

cinigiano view

What’s Included


8 days 7 nights at Le Pianore


Includes daily breakfast and dinner


Daily inspirational yoga classes taught by Caitlin Lassy on and off the mat.



The Instructor

Caitlin Lassy
caitlin lassey
Yoga Ambassador

Where did your yoga practice begin?
My yoga practice first began in my bedroom. I used to practice semi-regularly to 10 minute videos on DirecTV and to this one particular yoga flow on DVD lead by Seane Corn. I loved that Seane Corn DVD; that DVD was the first thing that really sparked my interest in yoga. A couple of years later, I decided to check out a few local yoga studios with friends. After checking out a couple of studios that didn’t totally resonate with me, I found a power yoga studio, and that was IT. I was hooked. That was truly the beginning of my yoga journey. Once I started practicing power vinyasa yoga regularly, my whole life and my whole self began to transform.


What can a student expect from your class?
You can expect to pay super close attention to your breath. You can expect to connect to your body, and how it moves, and to experience what you are feeling, on an emotional and energetic level. You can expect to explore what you and your body are capable of. You can expect to ENJOY YOURSELF, play and laugh, maybe even rock out to some fun jams. And, you can expect that at some point during class I will confuse my right from my left.


to Save $100

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