Get Focused with HearthMath

If you haven’t heard of HeartMath LLC, today is your lucky day. You get to learn about one of the coolest organizations out there.

The Heartmath Institute was originally founded as a non-profit organization whose objective is to help the development of heart-brain-coherence. Several years back they spun off an LLC to bring the world products they support their research and healthy hearts. They do all kind of work with hospitals, teachers, police, and other government agencies to help bridge the mind body gap in people’s awareness and society at large. Their original biofeedback offering was the emWave®2 which they have re-released as the NEW! emWave® Pro.

The NEW! emWave® Pro will help you to scientifically measure how your meditation is affecting your hearth and body:

Here’s a few other Hearthmath offerings to help you to learn about the heart of their methods.

This is the original book by Doc Childre that outlines his philosophy and technique:

This is their new program for improving focus and increasing heart-brain coherence:

Get Focused with HeartMath Transformation Systems 


This is one of my favorite relaxation CDs! Check it out here:

Doc Childre has also written books on Transforming Stress, Transforming Depression, Transforming Anger, and Transforming Anxiety. I haven’t read any of these books except the original Healthmath Solution, but I am sure the rest are as great if you are dealing with any of those emotions.

Find out what an optimal heart and mind connection can do for your health and happiness.

Happy Hearts for Everyone!

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