A Yoga Mat you can Get Bright On!

When you’re looking for the best Yoga Mats it’s hard to dispute that Manduka is the best.
Sometimes, tho, it’s not about the stickiness of the mat, it’s about the feeling you get when stepping onto the mat each day.  Sometimes, that grey or black mat just isn’t what your practice needs. Sometime, it needs some color. Sometimes, it needs some flair. Thus, without further ado…I present you with the Manduka Yogitoes Chakra Print Yoga Mat…

Now this is a Yoga Mat I can Get Bright On!

And remember, Manduka offers Free Shipping on All Orders $125+Not your cup of flair?Here’s some of my other favorite designs from Manduka’s Yogitoes line to brighten your day. I hope you find one that resonates with your style!Perhaps your feel like…a Yogitoes Peacock

And my personal favorite….
Yogitoes GejiaStand on a Chakra that points towards the Earth! Perfect!
Shop Yoga Mats from MandukaLegendary support for a lifetime of practice with the Manduka PROManduka Sale Collection

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